Monday, January 3, 2011

New Ideas

Otto The Pectoral Potto

Otto is like Smokey the Bear for the modern age. He delivers morals in PSAs exclusively for Adult Swim. He especially hates people who wear fur.

He himself is an anthropormorphic prosimian. He stands on two legs wears a barbecue apron and no shirt. Like Smokey the Bear, he has fully developed human pectorals.

While Smokey carries a shovel with him everywhere, Otto carries a barbecue fork and a bottle of lighter fluid.

When a rich and fat pig lady walks by wearing a fox stole, Otto stops her and asks if that's a real fur. The lady, offended says, "Of course it's real, I..." Too late. Otto sticks her with his fork and she deflates. The fox stole jumps off her, thanks Otto for saving him and scurries away.

Atop of the Adult Swim Logo, Otto, in a booming voice tells us the moral:"Do not wear furs unless you eat the entire animal first."
Under the A.S logo we read: "A public service announcement from your moral guardians at Adult Swim"

The Strange Need Of
Billy Pisswillie

Billy Pisswillie likes his involuntary shivers. He gets them from new haircuts, good music but most especially from Adult Swim.

He sits in the basement watching TV waiting for one. All of a sudden his whole body convulses and he heaves a sigh of relief.

He turns to camera, "Adult Swim gives me the best pisswillies!"

Conversation With Furries

A male and female furry are getting to know each other. They compare costumes and ask each other "What kind of animal are you?" Their descriptions are elaborate. It's not simply "I am a bunny rabbit". It's "I am a mystical star hare, with the power to melt racoon hearts."

Maybe Otto puts a stop to the conversation.

Adult Swim station id ideas

1. Super Hero

2. Elephant Seals

3. Cats and dogs

4. Super Kid

5. Snooki Falls

6. Friz Freleng

7. Archie

8. Cartoon Violence - Terrytoons style
9. CG Funny Animals
10. Golden Book
11. Eddie Fitzgerald ideas?