Monday, November 15, 2010

Anime Rubber Hose rough SB in progress

Robot Rubber Hose Boy is walking floppily on the moon. The moon bounces and spins under his feet.
We truck in on his sad face and see his huge glassy anime eyeballs.
He freezes as he hears a woman's scream of distress.

Fast Zoom out on our hero.
Camera spins around to astrobimbo's POV to a huge floating anime mouth beckoning from distant dark matter.

He rockets off the moon and into deep space.

He flies through the huge mouth, entering another universe.

Part 2:
A beautiful space girl is rapped against a living, tentacled tree as a robot wolf threatens her with clasping metal claws.
A tongue comes out of a claw and tastes her up and down.
Robot boy flies into the scene, smashes the wolf and gets the girl.

They kiss on top of the Adult Swim logo.

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