Friday, November 12, 2010

Stimpstones Storyboard: Every Parent's Worst Nightmare

Little Bimpy is playing with a G.I. Joe action figure. His parents worry that he is playing with dolls. They think he is to old to play with toys.. His Mom in voiceover says :"Gomer, I suspect Bimpy needs to grow up!"
Mom: Your his father, what are you gonna do about it?
Gomer: I guess I'll have to cure him.
Gomer takes out his club.
Mom: "Oh no! Not corporal punishment!?"
Gomer: "No, that's too primitive. I'll use psychology.
Gomer: I'll just take him over to see our hot neighbor. She cured me!

Gomer boosts Bimpy up to her window to peek in on her.
Bimpy sees something that excites him: "Wow!"
Inseide we see Booty Trubble lounging sexily on her couch.

Gomer is encouraged. "Well, son whattaya think of our neighbor?"
Bimpy: "She has great taste Dad!"
She watchs Adult Swim!"

"I'll never play with Dolls again!"

We zoom in past Bimpy and Booty and frame around the TV screen, where we see the Adult Swim Logo.

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