Monday, November 15, 2010

Retro Kids Meet Mr. Adult Swim Head

Bopsie Brownie offers Gruntface the bully a girl scout cookie. Morey says, "Ahh, that gooey stuff is for babies! We tough kids would rather watch Adult Swim!"

"Ooooh!" coos Bopsie, "That sounds devilishly delicious!!"
Bopsie: "Isn't that old wooden shack where the big folks watch rude cartoons?"

They knock on the old shack and the door creaks open a bit. They see craggy suspicious eyes peering down at them. "Can we come in and watch Adult Swim?"

Out comes a very craggy 36 year old man, Mr. Adult Swim Head. He looks the kids over and says "Scram, kids. Come back in 30 years when you're old enough to watch CARTOONS FOR MEN." He slams the door.
The kids peer into knotholes in the shack and we see the Adult Swim logo.

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